Backspacer was plenty slick musically, but maybe the main reason it felt compressed and distant was the cartoons on the cover, as if this set of songs were animated retreads through Pearl Jam’s history, “Amongst the Waves” a less humanized Yield, acoustic ballads like “Just Breathe” and “The End” coloring too cleanly within those lines when this band had written such heart-rending stuff as “Fatal.” I approached Lightning Bolt with similar trepidation. In my opinion: There was a time when Lightning Bolt would have been my easy answer, but I don't know how well it has held up over the years. Stephen Thomas Erlewine von Allmusic schrieb, mit Backspacer gingen Pearl Jam wirklich zurück zu den „Basics“. Line: 315 Titles say a lot in Pearl Jam’s discography. Function: _error_handler, File: /home/ah0ejbmyowku/public_html/application/views/user/popup_harry_book.php Even when that approach works — as it does on most of Lightning Bolt — it still feels somehow removed from the band we’ve known and loved. Self titled 7.5/10 7. Line: 208 The album starts off strong, “Getaway” ranking amongst their very best openers and easily amongst the best latter-day Pearl Jam songs. Juli 2013, Von: Redaktion, Foto(s): Steve Gullick. El mejor y mas concurrido foro de música Rock de la península ibérica. anyone know why these are the only two studio albums not available in the shop? Look, of course we want the band to be in a happy place in their lives. Mai 2010 : Amongst the Waves : Backspacer ist das neunte Studioalbum der US-amerikanischen Band Pearl Jam. Pero vamos a ver... ¿En serio es necesario? I’ll stop there. Not only on a personal life level, but as a band — they’re reportedly functioning better than ever, more comfortable with how they work and with each other. I still can’t decide how I ultimately feel about the already-divisive “Sirens.” There are parts that are gorgeous, especially the band making rare use of guitars in a more atmospheric way they’d do well to revisit. Each successive record has felt like some attempt at course correction, or a facsimile of what Pearl Jam imagined people expected them to be. Als die US-Grunge-Rocker Pearl Jam vor vier Jahren ihr Album „Backspacer“ auf den Markt brachten, glaubten einige, die Band hätte eine besonders intensive musikalische Frischzellenkur genossen: Griffiges Songwriting, modernes, leicht extravagantes Coverartwork und ein knackig-frischer Sound zeichneten das von Brendan ´O Brien produzierte Album aus. Což díkybohu opravil "Backspacer", čerstvý, radostný, ale tak kraťoučký, že vypadal spíše jako předkrm před deskou číslo deset. „Lightning Bolt“ Nachfolger von „Backspacer“ Pearl Jam im Oktober mit neuem Studioalbum. Between the straightforward title and the cover, I went in afraid that it’d be another outing of Pearl Jam performing their vision of “Pearl Jam rocking out again.”. It’s likeable, though I’d rather it didn’t take the place of “Whipping” on a setlist. A few years ago they had BS on sale for $10, so they were really trying to get rid of them. Its cover, its singles’ covers, the video for “Mind Your Manners” — they all had that same cartoon thing going on (given, in a more graphic art style that was not dissimilar from how they’d often rendered tour posters or official bootleg covers in the past). The album came from Bullmoose. Please be sure you manually save your post by selecting "Save Draft" if you have that need. Where Backspacer was an exceedingly consistent experience of mid-level Pearl Jam material, Lightning Bolt whiplashes you between its highs … Function: view, Yeah I think Backspacer has been out of the shop for quite a while. Line: 107 Line: 479 It has a much clearer identity than “Future Days,” and it refers back to a strain of Vedder’s songwriting I’d still like to see explored more thoroughly.

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