Have Travis Scott and Young Thug ever made a bad song together? “way back” featuring Kid Cudi, Swizz Beatz & Kanye West, WE IN THE HOUSE! His Astroworld banger "NO BYSTANDERS" signifies that message: rage or go home. I don’t know what it is, but I just love picturing McCauley, Some of that can be attributed to songwriter and behind the scenes superstar, Starrah. Pace is the name of the game on “way back,” and Travis switches lanes both swiftly and seamlessly. The dark, eerie guitar loops and massive bass on "Oh My" is so powerful, but then the song transitions to the lowkey and soulful "Dis Side," in which Quavo and Travis talk about their hometowns and come-up. I like this song, do not get me wrong, but something about it does not do it for me compared to Travis’ other bangers. Come on! this song is a symphony orchestra. Production masterpiece. It brings the feeling of a drunken rage you get at a party. By song's end, your ears will feel satisfied as it wraps into a sonic package with a side of autotune-infused flexing. He speaks on his family a lot and how they were opposed to his music at first but now they support him due to his success. La Flame knew his recipe for success all along, even if it wasn’t the typical American dream. God I love this song so much. Summer cruising with the windows down, just loving life. His verse is simply outstanding and it adds something to this song that takes it to the next level. Throw in Metro Boomin on production and you have a big three that could overthrow the Golden State Warriors. Travis’ flow is great and Young Thug adds one of his best verses to date. Lyrically, this is one of his best songs to date. It's hard not to want to look for the nearest mosh pit after hearing "We so high, upper echelon (Straight up!)" "Sicko Mode" is easily a strong contender for 2018's songs of the year and one of Scott's best. 10/10. The beat is heavy bass boosted and bumps any speaker. Lyrically, I think this is one of his best pieces of work to date. If anything, the first half of the song could be a minute longer, and it’d still hold my millennial brain’s tiny attention span. Travis just needed time to manifest his vision. What more can really be said? I consider this song the interlude on ASTROWORLD. Eventually we may actually see a La Flame performance entrenched within an amusement park. “I DON’T WANT YOUR APPLE PIE MAMA.” This song is fantastic. But is everything he is about musically. Such a banger, the name fits the song really well, get goosebumps every time I hear it. “Mamacita” featuring Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan. If you haven’t heard this song yet, please give it a listen. Killer hook, amazing cloudy production, and incredible flow by La Flame on this song. Travis does a great job keeping the song mellow even when he raps. Considering this is a Kendrick feature, Travis’ mention of Los Angeles’ Doheny Room is valid in the first verse, and the track is honestly a preview of “Lose” if you consider the lines “Aw naw, I can’t fuck with y’all, when I’m with my squad I cannot do no wrong.” Despite the bullshit Trav is fielding with these female relations, he’s relying on what has gotten him this far. Before this song, we had no idea Tity was such a Cam Stan, but it explains A LOT. The intro is clearly Travis entering L.A. looking for Maria as well as looking for the drugs and alcohol. I am not sure how this did not find its way onto any album or mixtape, but it should have. The change in vocal delivery along with the production represents the clarity he has achieved with his fame. Also, I wish this song was longer. Before we even get to Travis’ verse, we hear a sample of the song “M.O.N.E.Y.” by Manchester collective, The 1975. Travis was performing the night it dropped at lollapalooza and it was a crazy show where he did a sneak peak of one song that was on the album. This shit could be subbed in to score the opening scene of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and people wouldn’t fucking blink. 18. With Wondagurl’s brooding bass and a wild assortment of drum patterns, La Flame rolls his way through both verses, the second sporting some clever Miami Heat wordplay about Trav and a chick romping through rounds in the bathroom stall. Ever present youthful angst appears across so much of Scott’s catalogue, brought on partly by the resistance he received from mom and dad growing up. doing that. Travis Scott is going to have incredible videos. Travis told Nardwuar “there’d be times where my dad would knock down my door because we’d be making music too loud,” and on tracks like, s “MIA” Scott addresses the disapproval of his parents, saying “nothin’ for fam, cause niggas be hoes.”, “Apple Pie” views these problems in the rearview, and it’s not difficult to understand why. If this song came out tomorrow and not back then, it would be a number one hit, I mean that. “STOP TRYING TO BE GOD” featuring Kid Cudi, Stevie Wonder, James Blake & Phillip Bailey. First off, let me just say, not only is this the best Travis Scott song, but it is one of the greatest hip-hop tracks of this decade and maybe of all-time. Contrary to popular belief, this “get high anthem” isn't one at all. Let me tell you all, this list was NOT easy to make. The Trap Lord makes an appearance, and while Ferg’s verse is rather forgettable aside from some clever Greek life word play (“My fraternity is the burna heat, I’m a Kappa n*gga with the AK-ay”), the collaboration between the two seems organic. There’s a resounding attachment of autotune latching onto every last syllable, and the amount of reverb put on Travis’ vocals give him this demented delivery that suit the content of this song to a tee. Best Of Travis Scott playlist songs are in English language. Even if he knew “it was never love,” the momentary bliss and comfort of being with this girl on the Westside is irreplaceable. The second half is the story of “Dis Side,” where Travis talks about his come up and what he misses in life, including late nights doing drugs and a friend that he has apparently lost. That, and the man promotes bi-racial dating to the extent that he makes up an entirely new word: discriminize. To be honest, it’s a lot. It’s this spastic, electronic number that becomes so sonically stimulating over the course of three minutes that the song’s music video only puts it over the top. The official music video for the single offers the same vibe. Wondagurl initially attempted to use a clip of the track’s horn section, but Eestbound sided with the guitar riff at the very beginning of the Fields song. What starts with a tambourine and a feel good loop of. The outro of this song is magnificent. Literally a prayer for fulfillment, that his “wild goose chasing” won’t be wasted, the track kicks off Trav’s second project with the air that he was bred for this shit. Listen, this song is probably his most debated. A lot of these niggas is characters. This is peak Russell-Wilson-is-now-kinda-sorta-fathering-my-child-and-I-don’t-know-how-to-handle-it Future, AKA the one whose raps rely quite heavily on asserting his narcotic tolerance. And hypothetically speaking, if Ye wins in 2020, Travis can basically do whatever the hell wants. Travis’ flow and Tiller’s vocals go so well together. be aware that our efforts are ongoing. I need the exact amount. This song fits the amusement park theme of the album perfectly. The production during this part is perfect. Travis then raps about his come up and the life he has now that he is famous. This was one of the best tracks of 2016. And three, imagine Thug kneeling bedside, praying to God for an iced out watch… How else would Slime arrive on time? Honestly, if I made this list a few years from now, it would probably crack the top 25. , Eestbound and Wondagurl were riding through Toronto one night, and they heard Fields’ track on the radio. The Houston rapper shows us his vulnerable side; opening up about a relationship with a woman who he cannot be without, despite getting played by her. Lyrically in this song Travis absolutely kills it. The vibes and the lyrics are top notch on this one. TI ends the album by praising Travis and his development into his creative, energetic, empowering self. This song is terrific. I used to hate Thugger but he has grown on me so much. Trav’s verse is irrelevant, a frequent sticking point for some fans that the Delaware product has acknowledged as of late. Nevertheless, Travis assures us that it ain’t all rose gold and rollies, and his impatience is palpable despite mounting accomplishments. This song. As a whole, the track showcases the type of raw energy that Travis has now trademarked, two projects in. If you take into consideration how long it takes to produce a well done stop motion animation (just ask Tyler, The Creator), we can appreciate the amazing product La Flame eventually bestowed upon us. He speaks on his views of white leaders in the United States in his first verse. I do not hate this song, and I do not hate 21, but this song is just too boring for me sometimes. As a fan of both of their catalogs, it’s just a blessing to finally have a champion level track (a couple, actually) between the two of them. Travis speaks about his hardships in life, and success story which saved him from his past identity (abusing drugs, dangerous ties, etc.). Eh, cold be a little more memorable but eh, it's aight I guess. “SICKO MODE” featuring Drake & Swae Lee. Rodeo is Travis's best album, tied with Astroworld. If you hate this song, you are not okay and need to go to the doctor’s office immediately for a check up. Point blank, Travis Scott’s verse on “Don’t Play” is the best Travis Scott verse that’s available to the public.

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