It remained popular through the 19th century but today has been supplanted by the Ruy Lopez as white's favorite choice on the third move. The move “opens the path” for two White pieces: Compare that with the situation arising after the advance of the pawn on the flank:1 h2-h4. Some of the openings belonging to this group are: Semi-closed games feature the same first move by White as closed games, but Black’s response is different. Please be aware, this is only a recommended read for those under 1200 in rating, and basically only just starting out in chess. White now has the power to castle, and already has a fairly strong control on the board. The coincidence made me LOL so hard. 4. In this article, we have explained some of the most important principles of play in the opening and also classified these chess openings. Required fields are marked *. © 2019 ChessWarehouse. Ruy Lopez . Hours of operation: Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm, Sundays: 11am - 5pm. U mentioned the ruy lopez opening, surely the imediate reaction to this opening is pawn to h6 which threaterns the bishop. Formulate a plan (develop the pieces with purpose). Maybe a few more words on each openings - the main goals? 1.e4 and Italian or Four Knights against 1...e5, Alapin against the Sicilian. Try looking online for some opening lines. Another way of formulating this principle is: “Castle early and castle often.“. Why not improve your instincts and skill with lessons from Chess World Champion Garry Kasparov? i won all my games from tacticstrainer. However, with chess development, players realized that openings which were once considered as total rubbish are actually very much playable. By the 16th century chess players had already realized that certain opening moves proved more beneficial than others. The following position is a nice example of creating a threat right out of the opening. Whenever you are in an opportunity to castle and you don’t see a reason why you should avoid that move, it is never a bad idea to actually play it. Also, once a player advances his d-pawn, there is high probability of pawn exchange in the center, resulting in the center without any pawns, or the so called open center. or instance, move Nf3 as your first move, followed by the pawn moving to g2. I'm sure a lot of new players will find this useful. Definitly worth studying. Simple one is to go after the enemy King. When I was just starting out in chess, I was barely able to beat people rated 900 on this chess site. World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik said that every strong player will formulate a plan already around move eight. moves that are considered too passive for White: moves that neither help White’s development nor control the center: moves that develop a knight to the edge of the board (remember the opening principles examined previously). Because there are some “other openings” that are more playable and that one can occasionally encounter over the board. However, White has a more forceful response: Creating the threat of Nc7+, forking Black’s king and queen and winning material. It works a treat!! Her majesty is your most valuable piece and you typically don’t want to trade it for a mere knight or bishop. Im only a beginner with chess too but when reading some opening articles I was warned about the alekhine defence so studied the moves in case i got the chance to use it. The Queen can also develop on the next move, although her movement is restricted by the pawn on d5. Secondly, one should also be aware of strengths and weaknesses of one’s opponent. The center isn’t blasted open immediately, hence the name of this group of openings. For example if the knight protects a pawn, you may take the knight with the bishop and win a pawn. The self training took me months, and plenty of hours out of my spare time, but I learned enough opening knowledge and pawn tricks to improve way over 1300. For instance, in the given position, White has improved the position of his knight on a3. 3. The logical question that suggests itself at this point is, “How do I choose the ideal opening, when there is such an abundance of possibilities? The more openings you are familiar with the better, because selecting an appropriate opening for a specific game becomes an easier task. spend some time with ur mom u potty mouth and get off the internet! Because of their unlimited range, bishops should be considered more flexible. There are numerous ways of playing the opening phase of a chess game. It wouldn’t be a grave mistake to label all these openings with the same name. A common and rather good piece of advice for chess beginners is playing toward the center of the board. Considering that the goal of a chess game is checkmating the opponent’s king (), placing your king on a safe place makes a lot of sense. Modern openings include various combinations of moves for both White and Black and there are numerous openings that belong to this group. This principle is tightly connected with principles two and three. One of the main goals of the opening play is rapid development of the pieces. Finally, keep in mind that, regarding chess openings, the old saying of “less is more” isn’t the best approach. Hence the origin of the name of the group of openings. Some of the openings are given below (please note the diversity of the openings moves from both sides): Finally, we have arrived at the last group of openings. Or anyway, something with little theory and simple ideas. Do not be afraid to use the Sicilian, it's a very versatile and flexible defence for black. Chess players often say that White has lost a tempo for nothing. And thanks for taking the time to post these openings and sharing your insight on their meanings. :]. A Chess Course: From Beginner to Winner - Jacobs, De La Maza & Sadler, Your First Move: Chess for Beginners - Alexei Sokolsky, A Complete Guide to Flank Openings - Neil McDonald, Testbook of Opening Traps - Gerd Treppner, A Startling Chess Opening Repertoire - Baker & Burgess (New Edition), Chess: Beginners & Intermediate - Hugh Patterson, The London System: Properly Played - Marcus Schmucker, Openings: Open Games - Konikowski & Bekemann, Chess Opening Traps for Kids - Graham Burgess, My First Chess Opening Repertoire for Black - Vincent Moret, Learn Chess The Right Way Book 3: Mastering Defensive Technique - Susan Polgar, Learn Chess The Right Way Book 2: Winning Material - Susan Polgar, Your First Chess Lessons - Paul van der Sterren, Chess One - A complete introduction to the Royal Game - Vassilis Aristotelous, Basic Chess Openings for Kids - Charles Hertan, The Batsford Book of Chess: From Beginner to Winner - Sean Marsh, Chess Openings for Kids - John Watson & Graham Burgess, Mastering the Chess Openings: Volume 1 - John Watson. It waste tempo and helps your opponent. Chess opening is a term that refers to the initial moves which lay the foundation for a chess game. Opening theory is constantly evolving. Black replies symmetrically, hindering White’s occupation of the center and opening two pieces of his own. To get a feeling of why this is a good idea, let’s look at the position arising after White moves his king’s pawn: 1 e2-e4. Perhaps you have heard the witty quote by old chess master Siegbert Tarrasch: As an example, consider the position after White’s opening move 1 Ng1-Nf3. A Beginner's Garden of Chess Openings. Most of them have a “Second”; usually a strong grandmaster who analyzes certain opening lines, discovers new ideas, and documents his findings. You will learn how to improve your plan along the way. I always hated seeing it whenever I played white, because it always made me ponder ways on how to actually beat it! (It’s a hard one! First of all, for a competent opening choice, a player should be familiar with his own strengths and weaknesses. After moving e4, just develop your minor pieces and you should do fine. Hope you guys enjoyed this segment. Moves: 1. e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3. What are the best openings for beginners? In most games, the knight moving to Nf6 is inevitable most times, so doing it first will save you time in the long run. A guide by David A. Wheeler. "Not so much" or "Mandatory" or something in between? Almost as powerful as the King's Pawn opening itself, if your opponent is not careful, they can wind up in a world of pain. Also, the pawn grabs for the center, causing tension for black. Our whole store and checkout is fully encrypted. But, in order for the reader to get a feeling about what planning essentially is, let us look at the typical position arising from the Queen’s gambit declined (see classification of chess openings below): In the position above, White usually has one of the following plans: Black tries to counter White’s plans and develop his own: Don’t be discouraged if you find these things too advanced yet. This opening was however not appreciated or … If White simply recaptures, then Black can consider taking the knight on a3 with his bishop and doubling the White pawns. This allows me to take the Knight no matter where it moves and have 3 pawns developed while my opponent has spent his time bouncing his knight around the board. I have yet to win a Queen pawn game or a 1.Nf3 game against Fritz on those settings. Open games are characterized by the moves of the king pawns from both the White and Black player. However, assuming you have the time and are willing to put some effort, in the domain of chess openings more is definitely more. ), Learn how to read and write chess notation Here, How to Play Chess Online- A Chess Experts Guide, HOW TO PLAY CHESS FOR BEGINNERS: RULES AND BASIC STRATEGY, Tips for Teaching Kids the Art of Playing Chess, Everything you need to know about Chess pieces, Your queen has to move after it is attacked, so you are losing time as well, fighting for the control in the center with the advance of the c pawn. Thanks for the introduction.

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