CITY Connectez-vous pour marquer les films que vous désirez voir, et ceux que vous avez vu! City Hall de Frederick Wiseman - (2020) - Film documentaire And to what extent are our city officials interwoven into our everyday life? The film had its world premiere at the 77th Venice International Film Festival on September 8, 2020. Much of the film follows Mayor Marty Walsh in activities such as meetings with aides, addressing business leaders about the impact of climate change on the Harbor, listening to veterans at Faneuil Hall on November 11, observing Thanksgiving Day at Goodwill Industries, and giving his state of the city address at Symphony Hall. [3] It will also screen at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival and the New York Film Festival in September 2020. ‘City Hall’ Review: Frederick Wiseman’s Mammoth Boston Doc Shows Anti-Trump Politics in Practice Reviewed at Venice Film Festival (noncompeting), Sept. 10, 2020. It showcases the work they do when typically they are the silent puppeteers creating functionality in the city. In political terms, Wiseman shapes his material to focus primarily on Boston’s working-class and minority populations, the latter whom, we learn, now make up, in fact, a majority (in 2019, 44.5 percent of the city was composed of "non-Hispanic whites"). Chaque jour, la rédaction des Echos vous apporte une information fiable en temps réel. While we, as citizens, have some say in who takes these primary seats of office, those who keep our cities alive go beyond elected officials. Producers: Frederick Wiseman, Karen Konicek Director: Frederick Wiseman Accueil • City Hall • Film. FACEBOOK Whether Wiseman is showing residents in Dorchester speaking their concerns or veterans relaying their stories, their voices want and deserve, to be heard. Vous êtes connecté avec votre compte CANAL. In a world where much of the focus is on national and international politics, the specifics of local governments remain a mystery. City Hall is screening as part of the Main Slate at the 2020 New York Film Festival. Vous pouvez compter sur nos 200 journalistes pour répondre à ces questions et sur les analyses de nos meilleures signatures et de contributeurs de renom pour éclairer vos réflexions. Or, as Mayor Walsh puts it, "That’s democracy in action." Ici, on aime l'esprit critique. Town halls and community outreach are a vital aspect of Boston’s city government, highlighting the need to “listen to stories without judgment and with full support.”. Top film / City Hall . Many of the discussions captured by Wiseman involve how to better integrate and promote such communities, especially when it comes to public housing and job creation. Et de cette façon, j’aime tout. You are shown the vastness of the jobs that the city hall provides. The Hollywood Reporter, LLC is a subsidiary of Prometheus Global Media, LLC. Wiseman's documentaries don't have a standard narrative arc, narration, or interviews, but are based on observation of day-to-day organizational life, in this case the activities of Boston's city government in fall 2018 and winter 2019. Le climat des affaires s’améliore-t-il en France et à l’étranger ? Editor: Frederick Wiseman Historical preservation also falls in line with the responsibility of city officials, not only to maintain museums but to interact and keep the stories of veterans and their families alive. This is, however, a great documentary for those residing in Boston and wanting to know more about the decisions and the process they are immersed within. Il fait suite à « Monrovia, Indiana », qui, en 2018, captait le quotidien d'une bourgade enclavée et ultraconservatrice. He begins with a long discussion of the annual budget, replete with slides and graphs, and then for the rest of the movie we get to see how that $3.32 billion (in 2019) is spent, in "buckets" mostly covering education, public safety and city services. Stephanie Archer is 35 year old film fanatic living in…. Terms of Use | de Frederick Wiseman. A quatre-vingt-dix ans, le documentariste Frederick Wiseman signe son 43 e long-métrage. With an extensive amount of overlap, there could have been an episode dedicated to housing, ethnicity, and diversity, decreasing disparity across a variety of platforms, maintaining history and anthropology, and so on. | Cookie Settings, in 2019, 44.5 percent of the city was composed of "non-Hispanic whites". Ce dispositif tentaculaire tourne autour de Martin J. Walsh, maire démocrate de cinquante-trois ans et héros de « City Hall ». Sur 275 minutes, aucune ne prendra Walsh en défaut. Using Boston, MA as a focus point, City Hall, from director Frederick Wiseman, gives us an in-depth look at the interconnectivity of the city through the daily tasks of those employed by the city. Quand il est de bon ton de caricaturer ou discréditer les hommes de pouvoir, Wiseman propose un film sur l'utilité, voire la grandeur de la politique. (As the son of Irish immigrants, he reminds one audience that the Irish suffered a considerable amount of prejudice in their own right when they arrived in Boston during the mid-19th century.). Venise 2020 . 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The constant showcase of the city listening to its people does feel forced at times, and the length causes you to momentarily forget the city’s efforts, struggles, and successes. Le maire prend volontiers la parole. [4][5][6],, "Venice Film Festival 2020: Competition Light On Studios, Strong On Global Arthouse & Women Directors – Full List", "Toronto Sets 2020 Lineup: Werner Herzog, Regina King, Mira Nair, Francois Ozon, Naomi Kawase Titles Join Hybrid Edition", "58th New York Film Festival Main Slate Announced",, Documentary films about American politicians, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 September 2020, at 17:56. Local residents are asked to weigh in on Commission’s second round of ideas (Edmonds, WA) The City of Edmonds has extended an online open house and community survey about its second set of housing ideas.The open house and survey are part of community outreach by the Edmonds Housing Commission to gather and organize community input on housing policy concepts from zoning to community … About the community of Boston. A look at Boston's city government, covering racial justice, housing, climate action, and more. After the documentary concludes, you get the feeling that Wiseman‘s film was not just about the people and their service to the city, but the outreach and community they hope to serve. And in an earlier sequence where a couple weds at City Hall, Wiseman first shows us the public official conducting the ceremony, then cuts to reveal that she’s marrying two women.

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