Model Boat Kits. Showing all the deck hardware details, Dumas recommended tools needed: So to start, I un-boxed it and got a few shots of the kit contents to give you an idea of what is involved in building this model. This should give me something to do this winter down in the workshop. Dumas Boats Dauntless kit #1211, 49.5 inches long and a 14″ beam….. hmmm maybe even a triple drive system! So I ordered a boat kit from FredZ Dynamic Hobbies last week and it arrived on Friday. Maybe the drive system, but definitely not that prop. Here are the first 2 pieces beside the originals. Quantity: Dumas Chris-Craft 16' Painted Racer #1263. So I finished up the installation of the sheers, stringers and butterfly keel. – Epoxy glue Dumas # dum1205. A little multi-tasking never killed anyone Tyler. :) (CAD) $ 399.99 $ 334.99; Traxxas EZ-Peak Live 100W 12A NiMH/LiPo with iD Auto Battery Identification. Here are a few pics to give you the basic idea of the cleanup I’m doing for the next few nights. As the kits become available they will begin to show up in this section. – Epoxy resin I’ll do a little research along the way and let you know all the possible options that I think would fit this kit. …. – sandpaper Most... WHAT IS MSRP? – thin and thick CA Cornwall Model Boats | Radio Control Boat Kits | Dumas | Dumas Chris-Craft Dumas Chris-Craft. These will be the locations of the frames. RoMarine. Wooden Model Ship Kit store is a great resource for me and my wooden ship building projects. Nothing too drastic. They should be in this week so I’ll post some pics of what I got and make a decision on what goes in the boat. I’ll be doing a lot of business with them in the future. Excellent for radio control and easily constructed, not to mention amazing functionality in the water. This is an All-Wood Static Display 1938 Triple Cockpit Barrelback Boat Kit. One sheer is slid into place and the remaining frames 7 to 13 are slid into there respective notches on the Sheer (nothing is glued at this time besides the front of the Keel and the feet of frame 1 and 6). So I am going back to the old-school build for this kit prior to the PVC update. Every boat modeler needs one in their fleet! When I get to the planking, I will sand a bit here and there to even things up. – ruler The die cut frames, keel, etc…. Pic 2 of the unboxed contents. Model Boats & Airplanes for 75 years. Many of our customers have been waiting patiently for their orders to be delivered. It is an old Trinity car stand with fan that I hook up to my power supply and have blowing across my workbench when I am using a lot of CA glue. So I finished the bottom planking that is in sheet form and sanded the edges to prep for the next step of starting the side planking. I have used this stuff in a few other boat kits and it is great to work with, but the other boat kits I built used the PVC as a sub planking with a further layer of Mahogany strips Ca’d on top of it. My favorite part. I’ve done the Tunnel hull, Hydro and Classic Chris-Craft thing either in kit form or scratch built a few times over the years, so I figured I’d try something different. Wooden Boat Model Kit. This was a layer of fiberglass cloth and usually 3 or 4 coats of Epoxy finishing resin to finish it all off. Removing the planked hull from the building board. The planking at the bow is done with narrow ply strips attached diagonally after the sides are completed. I see by the Dynamic website, that the two versions of running hardware I ordered came in, so I’ll take my time over the next few days until I get to see all the hardware on Saturday. Dumas has started replacing plywood with Expanded PVC as a planking material in some of their kits. The final finish to make everything waterproof was then applied. Permanent link to this article:,, 2015 Canadian International Championships. Here are the die-cut PVC planks for the bottom and sides of the hull. I ordered a few different running hardware packages and props to try out. As per the instructions I drew a line down the centre lengthwise and perpendicular lines were then drawn in accordance with the measurements on the full-size drawing. I’ll be going ahead with the framing, but before installing the deck I’ll be waterproofing the interior of the boat with a few coats of epoxy finishing resin. TOTAL. So with that in mind and with “Father-in-Law” Santa donating money to the hobby fund, I ordered another boat kit yesterday. The newest kit from Hong Kong Models of their Boeing B-17 scale is coming... Tamiya has now confirmed their new-tool kit of the Lockheed P-38®F/G Lightning in 1/48th scale... Academy Aircraft 1/48 F4J Diamondbacks USN Fighter Kit, Academy Military 1/35 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf G Last Production Tank (New Tool) Kit, HK Models 1/48 B17G Flying Fortress Heavy Bomber (New Tool) Kit, Hobby Boss Military 1/72 German KARL-Geraet 040/041 on Railway Transport Carrier Kit, Hobby Boss Model Ships 1/200 USS PHM Pegasus Class Kit, Hobby Boss Model Ships 1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 Kit, ICM Military Models 1/24 SEAL Team Fighter #1 (New Tool) Kit, Italeri Military 1/35 Tiger Tank w/38cm RW61 Sturmmorser Kit, Plastic Soldier 1/72 WWII Allied M4A1 76mm Wet Stowage Sherman Tank (3) Kit, Revell Germany Aircraft 1/32 F/A18E Super Hornet Fighter Kit, Dumas Boats 1/12 (31") Trojan Cruiser Boat Kit, Dumas Boats 1/16 (27") US Coast Guard 36500 Lifeboat Kit, Dumas Boats 1/16 (31") Winter Harbor Lobster Boat Kit, Dumas Boats 1/20 (38") Myrtle Corey Memphis River Towboat Kit, Dumas Boats 1/31 (78') Higgins PT212 Boat Kit, Dumas Boats 1/48 (18") US Army 74' ST Tug Boat Kit, Dumas Boats 1/48 (33") Lackawanna Tug Boat Kit, Dumas Boats 1/72 (17-3/4") Carol Moran Tug Boat Kit, Dumas Boats 1/8 (24") 1938 Chris Craft 16' Painted Racing Boat Kit, Dumas Boats 1/8 (34-1/2") 1956 Chris Craft Continental Boat Kit. Here is the Keel epoxied together (it was two pieces that are sandwiched) I may want to install the mounts for the steering servo, rudder support block and engine mount prior to my epoxy coating so I can get them all waterproofed at the same time. Used a flush cut saw for this. Removed all die-cut Keel, Chines and Sheers from the plywood. I’ll try to keep the progress up to date if your interested in following along every now and then. First one being installed (1st rule of woodworking – You can never have enough clamps!). – Model building saw Wooden Model Ship Kit store is a great resource for me and my wooden ship building projects. In this kit, the PVC is the only planking, so the fiberglass cloth goes right over it. Dumas Boats 1/12 (31") Trojan Cruiser Boat Kit DUM-1205 $188.00 $149.95 Dumas Boats 1/16 (27") US Coast Guard 36500 Lifeboat Kit DUM-1258 $235.00 $187.95 Dumas Boats 1/16 (31") Winter Harbor Lobster Boat Kit Got to spend a lot of time in the workshop today laying down some liquid mask for paint jobs on some lexan car bodies and of course got lots done on the PT-109 as well. The finished boat is going to be 33″ long with a 9″ beam. I figured I would get started on the build and decide that during the process after I determine what I can fit into the hull. Gotta love having a day off in the middle of the week. RC Boat Model Kits (14) Storage (1) Top Parts (1) Black Marlin MX RTR Boat 7% off! Tada! I traced the PVC pieces onto 1/16″ aircraft plywood and cut them out on the band-saw. The Keel, frame 1 and frame 6 are centred and ca’d to the building board. They do take up a bit less space than a 1/4 scale cub though. Part No: DUM1254. Triple Cockpit 27' Barrel Back Kit. The staff is wonderfully helpful and made sure my large order was properly filled. – files $7.00 … I will be fitting it out for RC running, but I haven’t decided yet on single or double screw drive. Add To Cart: Wish List. Picked up a 48″ x 12″ flat piece of 5/8″ particle board to use as a building board. For over 60 years known as “The Model Boat People”, Email: Once they are all done and the assembly starts any imperfections can be further adjusted at that time. Rated 5.00 out of 5. :) (CAD) $ 149.99 $ 139.99; Rage Super Cat 700BL Brushless RTR Catamaran Boat 16% off! They need to be removed with an X-acto knife and the edges need a light sanding in some places. Didn’t have much time to work over the Xmas holidays, but managed to get a few minutes in here and there and a few hours today. With that in mind, I will be looking ahead in the instructions tonight to see what else I need to consider installing inside the hull before half closing it up with the deck.

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