In the catalytic scene of True Romance, the characters watch the movie The Mack. 21–27 May 2007. This opened the door to more open depictions of nudity, starting with Russ Meyer's 1959 The Immoral Mr. Teas, which has been credited as the first film to place its exploitation elements unapologetically at the forefront instead of pretending to carry a moral or educational message. Stars: Stars: A kung Fu expert travels to America to take out a gang of mysterious villains responsible for the murder of his best friend. | | Gross: | Bob Kelljan Hollywood realized the potential profit of expanding the audiences of blaxploitation films across those racial lines. A Native American warrior called Navajo Joe seeks revenge on a gang of sadistic outlaws who has massacred the people of his tribe. Don Edmonds Director: He died of a heart attack in 1992, poor and largely forgotten at the time, a fate he shared with many of the exploitation films shot in the Philippines. These directors made use of blaxploitation elements while incorporating implicit criticism of the genre's glorification of stereotypical "criminal" behavior. Speaking of Wes Craven, his first film was a vicious, no-holds-barred variation on (of all things) Ingmar Bergman's The Virgin Spring. | Fans of exploitation cinema know there are lots of great films from which to choose. Director: "The So Called Fall of Blaxploitation" by Ed Guerrero, This page was last edited on 24 October 2020, at 14:47. | The genre experienced a mainstream revival in the 1990s with the success of Scream, which both mocked and paid homage to traditional slasher conventions. The pleasant surprise of the film is that they also turned the slasher format on its ear via some subtle — and occasionally not-so-subtle — feminist undertones. Michael Schultz Erica Gavin, Lui Cheung, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. | Gross: John Cheung, Tony Musante, Men, Women, and Chainsaws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film, age certificates they would receive in Hong Kong, Ayşecik ve Sihirli Cüceler Rüyalar Ülkesinde, "How "Night of the Living Dead" Ushered in a New Golden Era of Horror", "The History of the Canadian Film Industry", "Tax Shelter Terror: How the Canadian government created a whole new generation of fright flicks", "Canuxploitation! [citation needed]. Richard Pryor, Find out more here. Robert Bean, | On the surface, it's a pretty basic slasher flick about a high school girl who has a bunch of friends to her house for a sleepover. Goldie returns from five years at the state pen and winds up King of the pimping game. A young woman, muted after a sexual assault as a child, is trained to seek violent revenge on those who have wronged her after being kidnapped and forced to work as a prostitute. Pejorative terms for white characters, such as "cracker" and "honky," are commonly used. Annazette Chase, While Boss *beep* Coffy & Shaft feels more iconic, this picture is easily the best crafted one, R 80 min Susan Penhaligon, Dana, | It was cheap labor, access to film crews and equipment and, in Francis Ford Coppola’s case, helicopters and pilots courtesy of President Ferdinand Marcos, which led low-budget movie producers to come here. But like the films, Weng Weng should be remembered for his legendary gun-slinging, womanizing starring role. Director: 116 min Notable examples of the genre include Cannibal Girls, Deathdream, Deranged, The Corpse Eaters, Black Christmas, Shivers, Death Weekend, The Clown Murders, Rituals, Cathy's Curse, Deadly Harvest, Starship Invasions, Rabid, I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses, The Brood, Funeral Home, Terror Train, The Changeling, Death Ship, My Bloody Valentine, Prom Night, Happy Birthday to Me, Scanners, Ghostkeeper, Visiting Hours, Highpoint, Humongous, Deadly Eyes, Class of 1984, Videodrome, Curtains, Self Defense, Spasms, and Def-Con 4. Well-known chambara films include Hanzo the Razor, Lady Snowblood, Lone Wolf and Cub, and Sex & Fury. The most legendary moment in Pink Flamingos finds Divine eating real dog feces on camera. After his students are killed by the One Armed Boxer, a vengeful and blind Kung Fu expert travels to a village where a martial arts contest is being held and vows to behead every one armed man he comes across. Michael Campus | Sexploitation films resemble softcore pornography. | | Also, they're all white. They all played famous monsters. Copyright © 2018 Fandango. "A Cinema of Loneliness". The best known of these individuals was a young man named David Cronenberg, whose 1975 chiller Shivers (a.k.a. | Stars: ", "Blaxploitation: A Sketch - Bright Lights Film Journal", "FILM REVIEW; From Blaxploitation Stereotype to Man on the Street", "African-American images on television and film", "Despite its incendiary name, Blaxploitation was viewed by many as being a token of empowerment", "5 Spaghetti Westerns & 5 Slavesploitation Films That Paved the Way for 'Django Unchained, "Michael Chabon, Telegraph Avenue: Read an exclusive excerpt", "TV REVIEW : Peter Sellars Has His Modern Way With Mozart : Opera:Conventional ideas of Baroque drama are blithely tossed aside as Figaro gets married in the Trump Tower", "Mozart: Don Giovanni - dir. Director: Hawkins, Joan. Telly Savalas, 83 min Director: It was a fresh spin that turned the movie into a box office hit. They Call Her Cleopatra Wong. See more ideas about Movie posters, B movie, Vintage movies. 4,521 Born on the Fourth of July, starring Tom Cruise, is a contender. 16,604 Lynn Borden, Votes: Westview Press, 1999. Initially derided by the American press as "appalling", it quickly became a national sensation, playing not just in drive-ins but at midnight showings in indoor theaters across the country. The Last Winter press kit. 96 min [10] Many of the films, in fact, were made by American filmmakers whose projects had been rejected by the Hollywood studio system as not commercially viable, giving rise to the Hollywood North phenomenon.[10]. $0.42M, R What makes Slumber Party Massacre noteworthy is that, unlike most films of its type, it was made by women. (Photo by United Film Distribution Company/Courtesy Everett Collection) 90 Best ’70s Horror Movies. Deborah Dutch, Lieh Lo, Horror, Mystery, Thriller. The 2013 Argentinian film Sonno Profondo is a modern tribute to the genre. Did we leave out your favorite? Georgianna Carter, A splatter film, or gore film, is a horror film that focuses on graphic portrayals of gore and violence. As a result, many called for the end of the genre. They focus on cannibalism by tribes deep in the South American or Asian rainforests. Action, Western. 54, no. Action, Comedy. Still, The Big Bird Cage stands as the pinnacle of movies about women being held against their will — and fighting back. 2007's American Gangster, based on the true story of heroin dealer Frank Lucas, takes place in the early 1970s in Harlem and has many elements similar in style to blaxploitation films, specifically its prominent featuring of the song "Across 110th Street". Tura Satana, Examples of the genre include Death Rides a Horse, Django, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Navajo Joe, The Grand Duel, The Great Silence, For a Few Dollars More, The Big Gundown, Day of Anger, Face to Face, Duck, You Sucker!, A Fistful of Dollars and Once Upon a Time in the West. | Stars: Jimmy Wang Yu, 4,953 Learn how and when to remove this template message, Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death. A string of appalling lust murders shocks the University of Perugia as a sadistic serial killer strangles to death beautiful college girls with a red and black scarf. The story additionally incorporates incest, sexual assault, and promiscuity. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Those themes are still valid today, for audiences of all colors. 17,770 The Philippine flora also attracted crazy scientists turned monsters, mythical beasts and undead martial arts masters. By every conventional standard, Dolemite is a mess, filled with continuity errors, stiff performances, sound equipment that keeps intruding into the frame, and choppy editing. David Chow, They usually contain nudity, lesbianism, sexual assault, humiliation, sadism, and rebellion among captive women. They don't realize that their hosts are the parents of one of the victims. | | 55, no. | Comb your porn ’stache, put on some vinyl (records or disco boots, your choice), and smell that lead in the gasoline – we’re heading back to the Me Decade with the 90 Best 1970s Horror Movies! | William Crain | Nov 9, 2017 - Explore Alicia Geraghty's board "Sexploitation Films Of the 60s and 70s" on Pinterest. 102 min [citation needed]. Action, Comedy, Drama. Director: Director: | Low-quality American-produced ‘70s movies for kids to make out to in drive-ins and small town cinemas. | Spaghetti westerns are Italian-made westerns that emerged in the mid-1960s. Afeni Shakur claimed that every aspect of culture (including cinema) in the 1960s and 1970s was influenced by the Black Power movement. | The capital played a part in the exploitation films, too. Neroni, Hilary. Director: Hubert Frank | Stars: Patricia Adriani, Bárbara Rey, José Antonio Ceinos, Miguel Ángel Godó Votes: 92 Dolemite, less serious in tone and produced as a spoof, centers around a sexually active black pimp played by Rudy Ray Moore, who based the film on his stand-up comedy act. | It's basically the plot of Sidney Poitier’s Defiant Ones, but with bosomy broads cat-fighting their way through the jungle as they flee Eddie Garcia’s corrupt cop. It has been created with genuine love and affection. The success of American International Pictures' The Wild Angels in 1966 ignited a more robust trend that continued into the early 1970s. Lori Williams, This one has all of those things, plus mud wrestling! No single performer may be more associated with exploitation cinema than Pam Grier. [21], In Michael Chabon's novel Telegraph Avenue, set in 2004, two characters are former blaxploitation stars. Chucky Vs. Leprechaun: Who Is the Ultimate Tiny Terror? Stars: Menu. and Company (1970). Peter Fonda, | Different viewers have different opinions on Planet Terror and Death Proof as individual works, but it's hard to deny that, as a whole, Grindhouse is a wildly successful homage to exploitation fare. Sexploitation films were generally exhibited in urban grindhouse theatres, the precursor to the adult movie theaters of the 1970s and '80s that featured hardcore content. Fred Williamson, | Gross: Kill! Stars: José Canalejas, Martha Southgate's 2005 novel Third Girl from the Left is set in Hollywood during the era of blaxploitation films and references many blaxploitation films and stars such as Pam Grier and Coffy. You'd see the movies in double features, and the prints were often filled with scratches and bad splices from having been hauled from city to city. 95 min "Canuxploitation" is a neologism that was coined in 1999 by the magazine Broken Pencil, in the article "Canuxploitation! That last category comprises what we call exploitation films, the primary goal of which is to deliver the most basic thrills in the most expedient manner possible. William Smith, Crime, Drama, A rebellious punk of the beat generation spends his days as an amateur dirt track driver in between partying and troublemaking. Anthony Franciosa, Christopher St. John, Votes: Crime, Drama, Thriller. [25] After the murder of his surrogate family at the hands of the Italian mafia, Lincoln Clay seeks vengeance on those who took away the only thing that mattered to him.

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