What positions being pushed by the "anti-globalization" people would have any substantial effect on this problem, Allowing people to say the N-word, bigger boobs in video games, and Ellen Pao going to the Hague. Elon mentions that he helped make the movie "Thank you for smoking". June 30, 2020. When he has stupid guests, he sucks, since he won't challenge anything they say. I do like Rogan as a person. The spread of bad ideas goes too fast. Ah, and I suppose you're one of those who is above all of that, eh? It’s like if there’s a mind virus, that mind virus can infect too much of the world. I can't bring myself to listen to either of these windbags, will wait for highlights. 93896: 2512 642745: Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer. Elon Musk is a business magnet, entrepreneur and engineer. Budi: May 2020 #3: He said he'd vote for Trump. no specifics. The irony is you being a condescending douchebag by posting this classifies you as a dim [man?] When it comes to interviewing people he is just incredibly "open-minded" and will believe almost anything that anyone says. Yeah, not interested in listening to this. No signup or install needed. Recent Posts; Popular Posts; Tags; Podcast Episodes. This is excellent and very much appreciated man, thank you! What would you consider Elon? With better planning, could have been a 4/20 baby or a 6/9 baby. PufPuf23: May 2020 #2: Thanks for your post. © 2001 - 2020 Democratic Underground, LLC. Yeah, he’s not talking about economics, trade, etc. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Can't happen otherwise. grumpyduck: May 2020 #1: Rogen probably should not be posted at DU as he does not support the. Approximate quote from Elon on the podcast: I do think that the globalization that we have at the memesphere… there’s not enough isolation between countries or regions. Joe Rogan Experience #1497 – Joe … 1:47:36 Talking about martial arts. Elon Musk is a business magnet, entrepreneur and engineer. It really sounded like he was just making up this neural link technology. I posted some time stamps in the JRE subreddit. #1528 - Nikki Glaser. June 26, 2020. https://analyticsindiamag.com/neural-networks-not-work-like-human-brains-lets-debunk-myth/. Hope Musk ranted like an insane person! Elon: "In recent years (the word) billionaire has become a pejorative", 14:27 Joe asks Elon how he´s able to get so much done, 28:49 Talking about "reading" people´s mind, 33:41 Joe brings up the topic of aliens in relation to human evolution, and Elon talks about "saving your state", like in a video game, 38:41 Elon talks about the concept of consciousness, 44:20 Elon brings up the negative aspects of globalization, 55:37 Elon talks about the possibility of a "whole-brain interface" (having almost all of your neurons connected to an AI extension of yourself). As always, saying enough for dumb geeks to get excited and not getting into the details like how the fuck are they going to put permanent implants on a brain without any of the issues the rest of the world has been having for years. Elon did teakwondo, karate and judo when he was young. – Listen to #1470 - Elon Musk by The Joe Rogan Experience instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no downloads needed. The time stamps might come in handy here as well: 0:03 Talking about the birth of Elon´s son (Joe: "You were born during a weird time... probably the weirdest"), 0:35 Talking about the name of Elon´s son: X Æ A-12 (Joe: "Is it a placeholder? Rogan violates everything the Democratic Party stands for. Elon: "I´d prefer not to exercise" 1:47:36 Talking about martial arts. Elon explaining to Joe that a neural network works "just like a brain does" is not only very factually incorrect but it tells me he actually has very little technical knowledge outside reading Wikipedia or a 5 min google search. 1:45:55 Joe asks if Elon has time to exercise. Uninformed or ignorant people start to think he's a genius because they don't know any better and just believe his BS. Joe Rogan Experience #1470 – Elon Musk. so we don’t need to rely on a different country that has no invested interest in our well being. I've read that Joe is either the smartest dumb person or the dumbest smart person out there. Permalink, About | Copyright | Privacy | Terms of service | Contact. Podcast Episodes. I find it engaging, I must say.”. Elon: "I´d prefer not to exercise". with power fantasies. May 7, 2020 17,468,196 views. it's so conspiracy theory. Eschew faith, revelation, argument from authority, etc. Welcome to the show this episode. Who is better than either of these guys at what they do though? Watch More. then what? The podcast is brought to buy Roca sunglasses, I gotta pee these. When elon starts spewing nonsense about technical subjects people who are subject matter experts in those subjects start to see how much of a fraud he is. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Press J to jump to the feed. I took that to mean he likes other places to have their own culture vs the universal melding that’s going on. When he has smart guests, he is awesome. Latest Episodes. When he has stupid guests, he sucks, since he won't challenge anything they say. A tea party libertarian, & he rates right down there with Cenk as far as females are concerned & that should be enough to trigger any woman with the slightest issue from her past. What positions being pushed by the "anti-globalization" people would have any substantial effect on this problem (if we're granting that it's a problem). JRE Videos with Elon Musk; Search all episodes. When he has smart guests, he is awesome. Revolutionary Cars, Shitty Company : a discussion of Tesla driven by facts, data, and healthy skepticism. 1:51:06 Joe asks about the new Tesla Roadster Create new account | My Profile | My Account | My Bookmarks | My Inbox | Help | Log in, Back to top Alert abuse Link here He also briefly did Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which Joe is very happy to hear. 391,160 likes 15,156 dislikes 25.81 ratio. He’s talking about bad ideas (I’m guessing, but... anti-intellectualism, runaway social justice, consumer monoculture). Elon: "Barbequing your lungs is bad news".

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