The Whistleblower is centered on Bolkovac (Weisz), a mother of three who, in 1999, takes an $85,000 contract with DynCorp (Democra Services in the film), a … “I thought I was working with the cream of the crop, but in reality, this is the bottom of the barrel.” – Kathryn Bolkovac. 62 I don't think that UN efforts are reliable at all over the last 15-20 years with regard to actually trying to do something to stop the sexual abuse of women and children in missions. As she continued to report on the rampant criminal activity Kathryn began to receive threats on her life, causing even her friends to suggest she stop. When they arrived, the place was trashed and vacant. To make matters worse, many of the files she had sent through internal affairs were beginning to disappear. To some extent this is true. Yet she still doesn’t know who was behind her termination—or to what extent the crimes were covered up. “Sure, I won my lawsuit, but I never got any real answers.”. Working for a private contracting firm assigned to support the UN peacekeeping mission in that country, she discovered that officers were involved in gross wrongdoing, including human trafficking and forced prostitution. Her courageous actions and subsequent reprisal were portrayed by Rachel Weisz in the film, The Whistleblower. Interviews with multiple women and girls over the next few months began to paint a picture of corruption being aided and protected by members of the local police, foreign military, diplomats and the IPTF. No. Did the higher UN officials know about that? Désolé, un problème s'est produit lors de l'enregistrement de vos préférences en matière de cookies. – Kathryn Bolkovac. Moved out of compassion and a sense of justice, Kathryn began compiling cases for various international women who had been trafficked, enslaved, abused, bought, sold, and traded. They rely on the member states to do that. Part of this is that many people lose sight of their morals when they are 5,000 miles from home and think they will not get caught. As long as the member states are not going to discipline and prosecute the individuals who they send in the missions, then the UN is not going to do that either. My strength of character from my upbringing, from the way my parents raised me to stand up for what I believe in and speak up, carried me through Bosnia.” – Kathryn Bolkovac. As evidence became concrete, she began sending reports up through the appropriate channels. Veuillez renouveler votre requête plus tard. Washington DC, 20006, © Copyright 2020   |   DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT, PRESS STATEMENT: Government Accountability Project Condemns Whistleblower Retaliation in Texas Attorney General Office, Press Release: Government Accountability Project and the American Federation of Government Employees USCIS Council 119 File Letter to Department of Homeland Security on Illegal Gag Orders, Mother Jones: Trump’s VA Is Trying to Scare Off Whistleblowers During the Pandemic, PRESS RELEASE: Government Accountability Project Overcomes Department of Justice Objection to Filing Amicus Brief in Defamation Lawsuit Against President Trump, The Washington Times: Advocacy groups form coalition to urge whistleblowers to expose election interference. When she questions her colleagues’ diplomatic immunity—peacekeepers cannot be prosecuted for crimes committed overseas—she is demoted. Kathryn Bolkovac est une ancienne détective américaine de la police d'état du Nebraska. At one time Kathryn thought she had overheard a co-worker brag about knowing of a good place to find some really nice “12 to 15-year-olds.” Originally she had dismissed it as a mistake, but now she realized it was men like him funding these brothels. They are highlighted here to remind, encourage and inspire those of us who follow. After that, I took DynCorp to court in the United Kingdom, and I won my case for wrongful termination. Did the UN-officers know that the girls were victims of human trafficking? They landed in a foreign land with no clear mandate, and at times, little understanding of what they were there to accomplish. Contact The undertrained IPTF monitors were assigned many tasks, including training local police how to form investigations, prevent ethnic bias and fairly apply justice. Kathy is an international speaker, published author and former US police investigator. “No one knew what authority they had,” says Kathryn Bolkovac, the Nebraska-cop-turned-U.N.-peacekeeper who inspired the film. Local police, U.N. staff and Bolkovac’s U.S. colleagues are among the profiteers and patrons. After bringing her She now works internationally and continues on the side to advocate for laws and regulations on international contractors. Bolkovac is a former Nebraska policewoman who served as an International Police Task Force human rights investigator in Bosnia. Feeling that the official methods were fruitless, Kathryn sent out an email to 50 U.N. mission leaders and local personnel detailing what she had uncovered and asked that something be done. Fearing for her safety, Bolkovac fled the country. The cases involved the officers from many foreign countries, including the USA, Pakistan, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, government contractors, and local organized criminals. As she explained why being a whistleblower really is such a difficult thing to do, she reaffirmed her commitment to accountability and bringing perpetrators to justice. The UN have promised to investigate allegations of sexual abuse by peacekeepers in the CAR. Moved out of compassion and a sense of justice, Kathryn began compiling cases for various international women who had been trafficked, enslaved, abused, bought, sold, and traded.

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