When you fit the chains make sure they are properly tensioned and secured and the ends of the chains aren’t left loose. "In the five years to 2018, there were 10 reported crashes on Alpine Way between Khancoban and Thredbo village which resulted in injuries, including one fatality," she said. 4. Thanks to our guests, employees and community for the 2020 snow season We feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to deliver skiing and snowboarding this winter during such challenging times . 3. Return to Shop. You’ll need to fit your snow chains correctly because the New South Wales (NSW) Police Force and other authorised officers may conduct regular chain inspections. 2019 will now be accessed using the “Route 4” buses) 7. Motorists are advised to be prepared and equipped for sudden changes in road and weather conditions in alpine areas, and also to exercise extreme caution when passing snow ploughs. Keep your headlights on at all times as they increase your visibility. Check - plan - go - with up-to-date traffic and travel information on road conditions, incidents, vehicle crashes, emergency roadworks, special events, road closures and congestion state-wide. VicTraffic is the official VicRoads live feed of Travel Times, Road Closures, Traffic Alerts, Roadworks, Tow Allocations, Events and Traffic Cameras. Many road crashes in alpine areas involve native animals crossing roads, particularly at dawn and dusk. 2. 8. With uncertainty related to COVID-19 continuing, at this point we are holding on releasing our 2021 winter season pass. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on any season pass updates as we progress ❄️⛷❤️ There are many hire outlets along the route to NSW snow country in Cooma, Berridale, Talbingo, Khancoban and Jindabyne, Canberra, Wagga and other cities and towns. Rest areas & Driver Reviver locations in NSW, Vehicle examiners, certifiers and assessors, Kosciuszko Road from the Kosciuszko National Park boundary at Thredbo River to Perisher Valley, Alpine Way between Thredbo and Tom Groggin, and, Island Bend/Guthega Road for its full length. Snowy Valleys Council was advised of the speed change but was not involved in the decision. Slow down when conditions deteriorate and drive with caution in fog, snow or ice. "What's going to happen is people are just going to be a whole lot more aggravated when they're driving at 60km/h on a road where it's quite safe to do 80km/h," he said. Information Centre North (set down only), Road Cam It’s much easier to do this in dry conditions than by the roadside in a storm. Cr Ham agreed some straight sections of Alpine Way could be safely driven at 80km/h as before. Take a waterproof blanket or groundsheet to protect you from the road when you fit the chains. Tyre manufactures recommend that cars with radial tyres shouldn't travel faster than 40 km/h when fitted with chains. 2. This section I am relying on my memory and it was back about 10 years or so I really doubt if there has been any changes to the road in that time, there was some very slow short corners all taken at a slow pace by the time you get to there you will of had plenty of practise at choosing your pace. Don’t keep driving if you can’t see the edge of the road or the next snow pole. "The study found the existing 80 km/h speed limit was not supported by current speed zoning guidelines given the road is undulating with hairpin bends which lead to poor sight distances for motorists," she said. For the latest traffic updates download the Live Traffic NSW App, visit livetraffic.com or call 132 701. Information Centre South "What's going to happen is people are just going to be a whole lot more aggravated when they're driving at 60km/h on a road where it's quite safe to do 80km/h," he said. Snow poles are painted orange and are tall enough for drivers to get their bearings in heavy snow. Select the types of data you'd like to see... Auto We'll show more data as you zoom in. EARLIER: Khancoban residents feel tourism and safety will be harmed by a "painfully slow" speed reduction introduced to the road between their town and Thredbo. "The changes are expected to increase safety between the two villages while adding about six minutes to travel times.". The town is located 567 kilometres (352 mi) from the state capital, Sydney and 13 kilometres (8 mi) from the state border with Victoria, in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, near the upper reaches of the Murray River. If you don’t add the right amount the engine block, heater core and radiator may crack as the coolant freezes, leaving you stranded and with an expensive bill for towing and repairs. They can do a lot of damage to your car if not properly fastened. Khancoban is a small town in Snowy Valleys Council, New South Wales, Australia. You can also find out about road closures and restrictions due to special events or adverse conditions like fire, flood or snow. None of this will done at a fast pace. The map below shows the four routes and their drop off and pickup points. "The road can be steep and narrow in places and after heavy rain some sections can be affected by rock falls," he said. Crackenback Ridge (at the intersection of Ramshead Lane) Clear all glass and mirrors of ice using a plastic ice scraper or something similar before you drive away from the car park. If you drive a diesel vehicle, filling your tank with alpine mix diesel from a service station close to the snowfields, or adding an alpine diesel additive will stop your fuel from freezing.

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