The primary logo appeared as a patch on the left sleeve of the road jersey in 1962, then was added to the home jersey in 1963. [117] The Mets' Players Weekend jerseys were blue with orange sleeves, the "Mets" script in orange outlined in white across the chest, no numerals on the front, and plain orange serif block numerals on the back with the player's nickname in radially-arched white block lettering. Certainly, it is something we saw Pete Alonso, Marcus Stroman, and some other brilliant writer bring up over the last few months. In addition, the Mets introduced a military-camouflage alternate jersey for 2014, to be worn in select Monday home games. Every die-hard New York Mets fan needs the perfect jersey to rock on game day. Stroman actually responded to Alonso with two different tweets. [2][87], In 2018, beginning with the second game of the season on March 31, the Mets wore a memorial patch on the right sleeve of their jerseys to honor Rusty Staub, who died on March 29. [50] The white cap was worn with the white alternate jersey on some occasions early in the season. MLB teams also modified their uniforms for Independence Day in 2015. Like the home uniforms, the road jerseys have blue tackle-twill lettering outlined in orange. Also in 2004, the name of longtime Mets broadcaster Bob Murphy was embroidered on the left sleeve above the primary logo patch after Murphy died on August 3.[66]. The jersey had thin blue-orange-blue striping around the collar and sleeve cuffs, and the pants had thin blue piping down the sides from hip to cuff. Fanatics, Inc., All Rights Reserved. For Memorial Day, May 27, the jerseys featured a patch on the upper left chest depicting a red poppy with green leaves, and a black banner across the lower half of the flower reading "LEST WE FORGET" in white sans-serif letters; the circular patch from the Armed Forces Day jerseys, marked "MEMORIAL DAY" here, appeared on the right side of the caps. Adult New York Mets Pete Alonso Fanatics Branded Name & Number Face Covering 2-Pack. [64] The "9-11-01" sleeve embroidery was carried over from the previous season. Get your today. On more than one occasion, we heard Howie Rose lament about the infrequency in which we all saw the pinstripes. The Mets, playing at home against the Pittsburgh Pirates, were branded as the "Mercury Mets" in reference to the planet Mercury, wearing black caps with the planetary symbol () in silver as the team's logo. [54] The white alternate cap from 1997 was discontinued. If you're looking for Mens New York Mets jerseys, is what you've been looking for. Most Popular in Jerseys. The Mets should definitely look into bringing back some of the older “classic” jerseys this upcoming year. This combination would not appear again until the black trim, caps and accessories were eliminated for the 2012 season. The military-camouflage alternate jerseys and caps were discontinued. All five uniforms were worn with black socks, belts and undersleeves; the blue accessories appeared only with the blue caps. [111] An American flag patch was worn on the right sleeve. Special Event Jerseys Now there, were a few problems with the black jerseys. [70][71] Also in 2009, the road ("NEW YORK") version of the black alternate jersey was discontinued, although the home ("Mets") version continued to be worn as an alternate in road games as well as at home.[72]. Three thin stripes (blue-orange-blue) were added to the sleeve cuffs and collar on both home and road jerseys. Ready to Ship. To see all of the New York Mets players current jerseys and upcoming new Nike player jerseys available in 2020, then click on the players name below. On the road, the jersey was worn with the gray alternate pants and at home with the white alternate pants. More than that, it gives the team an opportunity to really boost jersey sales. Regular: $99.99. This would allow the Mets to produce and sell the black jerseys with all the current members of the team which would result in more money in the team’s pocket. This uniform was worn with the Mets' standard blue caps and helmets, blue socks and undersleeves, and black belts. Below the word "Mercury" on the player's right side was an image of the symbol hovering above and casting its shadow upon a generic gray cratered planetoid. [34] For 1983–84, the road blue alternate had the "Mets" script, numerals and lettering in grey with orange outline, and orange-white-orange collar and sleeve striping. [112] The caps were dark grey with the "NY" crest in pink. Ready to Ship. Your privacy is safe with us. Not only are the fans ready and want it, but some of the team’s top players are even on board with the idea of it. This patch was black, in the shape of home plate, with "KID" (Carter's nickname) above "8" (Carter's number) in white lettering. Men's New York Mets Stitches Royal Logo Button-Up Jersey. In 2020 the Mets made a minor change to their batting helmets, giving the orange "NY" logo decal a metallic sheen. Artist's rendering of @STR0 in a @Mets black uni #LFGM, — Athlete Logos (@athletelogos) November 24, 2019. [91] Ten days later, most (albeit not all) MLB teams including the Mets participated in a "Turn Ahead the Clock" promotion, with futuristic uniform designs. Alonso’s response caught the eye of more fans as they agreed with him and teammate Marcus Stroman who responded as well. The jersey was used as an alternative for both home and road games. The one caveat being it makes little to no sense to wear the black jerseys during hot summer days. The Mets' uniform was designed to incorporate elements of both departed clubs, with the Dodgers' royal blue becoming the Mets' primary color and the Giants' orange the trim color, along with the Giants' "NY" crest adopted as the new team's cap logo. Reduced: $48.99. Since then the club has adopted blue alternate jerseys and caps, but has generally worn its primary uniform in most games, home and away. An officially licensed Mets jersey will make a great addition to your wardrobe. Ships Free. Get ready for the next season of Mets baseball with the latest Spring Training gear from the official online store of Major League Baseball. [96] Later that season, on August 21 at Milwaukee, the Mets wore a Cubans uniform that was gray with red piping, red cap, and lettering resembling the 1947 version worn in 2001, as described above.[97]. MLB teams also wore special uniforms for Father's Day 2016 (June 19); here the graphics were light blue outlined in dark grey, and the caps dark grey with the "NY" crest in light blue. One person voiced their opinion which resulted in Alonso jumping in and being all for the jerseys and suggested the jerseys being used as Friday night jerseys. Men's Jersey New York Mets Authentic Jersey Features. Ready to Ship. In 2009, for three games in mid-August against the San Francisco Giants at Citi Field, the Mets wore a "fauxback" (i.e., resembling the past or a particular era in style but not matching an actual previous uniform) designed to honor the old New York Giants. [106] The uniforms were royal blue with orange piping on the shoulders, sleeves and pants, and "ROYAL GIANTS" in thick orange capitals across the chest ("ROYAL" above "GIANTS"). On the right sleeve was a patch depicting the team's mascot, "Mr. Met", in a running pose facing to the right of the viewer toward the front of the uniform. The letters were sewn onto an arched fabric "nameplate" (white on the home jerseys, grey on the road jerseys) that was in turn sewn onto the jersey itself. What many don’t want to see is the black jerseys overdone. [90] The jerseys had the primary-logo patch on the left sleeve even though it was not actually used on the home jersey in the Mets' inaugural season. The jerseys had a circular patch on the left sleeve, the top part showing the orange "RG" logo on a blue background and the bottom part showing "ROYAL GIANTS" in serif capitals above "Brooklyn" in italic script, on a white background. Now I wouldn’t necessarily use them together, but I would love to see them come back for a little bit. The famous New York Mets black alternate jerseys were first introduced to the team back in 1998 and were used through the 2011 season. [40] Also in 1988, a thin white outline was added to the wordmark, numerals, lettering, and "racing stripes" on the road jerseys. New York Mets Nike Home 2020 Replica Custom Jersey - White/Royal. $359.99. Both alternate jerseys have orange piping on the collar/placket and sleeve ends (resembling the road jersey), and the primary-logo patch on the left sleeve. The basic template has always been a conventional short-sleeved baseball uniform with "Mets" in cursive script on a white pinstriped home jersey, and either "NEW YORK" or "Mets" on a gray road jersey, with the lettering and numerals in blue outlined in orange. The Mets wore their first "throwback" (or "Turn Back the Clock") uniform, a 1962 replica, for a game against the Cincinnati Reds at Shea Stadium on August 30, 1992. Beginning in 2013, MLB teams began wearing special uniforms on certain holidays and holiday weekends, with every team incorporating the same color and design scheme into its own uniform graphics template. The Mets' Players' Weekend uniforms (August 23-25) were all white, with white graphics outlined in silver, "Mets" script on the front and serif block numerals on the back, nicknames in silver block lettering, and white caps and batting helmets with silver "NY" logos; pitchers wore black caps with black logos. The "NY" crest on the front of this helmet was black with white outline and orange drop-shadow. The off-white/cream-colored pinstriped uniform became the primary home uniform,[74] the white uniform became the home alternate,[75] the blue cap with orange crest became the sole uniform cap for both home and road games, and all three uniforms were worn with blue socks, belts and undersleeves. [38] The collar on the road jerseys was changed from gray to blue, and the "Mets" script was replaced with "New York" in cursive script. In 2012, the black drop-shadow was removed from all of the team's jersey graphics, and the two-tone cap was discontinued. Men's Nike Gray New York Mets Road 2020 Authentic Team Jersey $297.49 with code Regular: $349.99 You Save: $52.50 Nolan Ryan New York Mets Mitchell & Ness Cooperstown Collection Authentic Jersey - … The patch was a black circle with Staub's autograph (first name only) rendered in orange.[88]. Regular: $25.99. [82], In September 2014, a revised version of the Mets' primary logo began to appear on the club's social media accounts, substituting the Citigroup Center for the United Nations building on the right side of the skyline. [2], In 1982, the primary logo patch was removed from the left sleeve of both jerseys, and the road uniforms added thick "racing stripes" (blue with orange borders) on the shoulders from neck to sleeve cuff, on the sides of the jerseys from armpit to hip, and on the sides of the pants from beltline to cuff; the collar and sleeve-cuff striping were removed. How do you think Pete Alonso will be following his awesome performance during his rookie season last year? Ships Free. Ships Free. At the bottom of the circle is a generic image of a suspension bridge in white, symbolizing the joining of New York's five boroughs. In 2015, the Mets changed the fabric base color of the home pinstriped uniform from off-white/cream to white, and discontinued the white alternate uniform; the blue home alternate jerseys were now worn with the pinstriped pants. On the back of the jersey, the player's name and number were rendered in silver, with the player's name to the right of the number written vertically from top to bottom. Think back to it. All of the first-responder caps were navy blue, with either "NYPD" in white serif lettering, "FDNY" in thick yellow-orange-red gradient lettering, or the EMS or PAPD shield logo on the front.

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