yell at his granddaughter for reminding him of his son's profession and untimely death. After continuing their arduous journey for awhile, Saul finally gets a signal and calls Kim. Mike tells Walt they're selling every last gallon to a man he knows. Ex-cop, now hitman, cleaner, and private investigator Mike Ehrmantraut lends his talents to Supacraft's line of premium 1:4 scale resin statues straight from the award-winning TV series Breaking Bad™! After Walt questions him, Jesse claims he did it because Kaylee needs someone looking after her and correctly deduces that Mike is dead and that Walt knows that. Mike refrains from shooting Lydia and instead asks her if she can get access to more methylamine, to which Lydia replies, "Maybe. Brandishing a hidden pistol and throwing off the illusion of his drunken stupor, Mike gunned down Hoffman and Fensky, suffering a shoulder wound in the process. Following the fall of Gus and his empire, Mike and several employees were being exposed. Mike snaps that he doesn't owe Walt a damn thing and that them falling apart is all his fault. After his surveillance reveals discord in the White household, Mike takes his recordings to Saul's office. Tuco Salamanca | After being fully exposed, Mike flees from Albuquerque with Walter's help. Mike tells Jesse that if he were Jesse's age and starting fresh, Mike would go to Alaska which is the last frontier and a place where a person could be anything they want. Mike has Jimmy pose as a customer during the breakfast hours to observe what the driver does inside the building. ("Bali Ha'i"), Mike hires Jimmy again, this time to help him provide an amended statement (as Hector had requested) to the district attorney, though the DAs highly suspect Mike has been paid off by the Salamancas. Saul and Mike make their way to a truck stop where they properly hydrate before being picked up by Victor and Tyrus Kitt. In response, Hector begins harassing Mike into reconsidering, first by having men break into his house to scare him. After Mike draws the gang's tattoo, Gus realizes that Juan Bolsa hired them and calls Bolsa before explaining to Mike that Bolsa was protecting the cartel's interests by protecting theirs. He's sarcastic. Later, Mike and Gus rendezvous outside Los Pollos Hermanos to discuss the attempted robbery. After stopping to review what happened, he figures that his car is bugged. Hector Salamanca | Ted Beneke is Skyler's boss who also harbors romantic feelings for her. A direct victim of Walt's "empire building", at the end of Season 5A. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for his role in Wiseguy as Frank McPike. Answering a call from the cell phone, Mike is immediately approached by Gustavo Fring and two of his bodyguards. Mike was also well trained and calm in all types of combat situations, once using science and long strategy to take down a large number of hostiles with ease. After his surveillance reveals discord in the White household, Mike takes his recordings to Saul's office. Born with cerebral palsy, Walter White, Jr. is Walter and Skyler's teenage son. Then, Mike drives over and deliberately swipes Tuco's car, enraging him. One of the crew, Kai, disrespects Mike, causing him to tell Nick and Arthur to keep an eye on him. ("Klick"). After Jesse runs off to a crack house known as the "shooting gallery" from grief over her death, Walt has Mike drive him to the drug den to retrieve Jesse. Shortly following his retirement from Walt's drug operation, Mike's assets would be seized a second time after the DEA caught his lawyer in the act of depositing Mike's drug money for his incarcerated men and was left with no options but to flee after his lawyer betrayed him to the DEA. It's hard to say if Mike blames himself more for doing that or for not letting his son go down in a blaze of riotous (if bureaucratic) fury. Mike says goodbye to Jesse. Turns out he's even better at the job than they bargained for when the very experience they hoped to use shoots them down for being too narrow-focused to see the big picture, once he gets hold of more than just their synopsis. Whilst he's inside, a second vehicle arrives, and Jesse, unaware that the men are Gus's, notices one of its occupants approaching Mike's car with a shotgun. ("Five-O") Mike later repays Jimmy by breaking into the home of the Craig and Betsy Kettleman to retrieve stolen money. Lydia explains that her daughter would not believe that she abandoned her. Using Mike's Chrysler, Jesse rams the other vehicle and escapes, leaving Mike behind, but also leading away the pursuers. Meanwhile, Mike discreetly begins plotting retaliation against Hector. He manages to escape only a few yards down a river bank because of his bullet wound and sits down on a log overlooking the river. Mike and Nacho's orchestrated takedown of Tuco does not come without consequences. At work the following morning, Mike is called back by Stacey, who still believes she heard gunfire, and points a hole in her siding that she tearfully insists is from a bullet. Mike, knowing full well that Daniel's carelessness will eventually attract police attention, declines to go to a meeting in the Hummer and walks off when he refuses to travel in Mike's 1988 Chrysler instead. How those guys stayed in one spot when he let his expression change is anybody's guess. Mike warns Jesse that his behavior is unacceptable and he's on thin ice with Gus. Gus arrives and asks if the job is impossible. Jesse is unable to rehearse these words due to being overwhelmed with grief, so Mike slaps to get him to do so. Jimmy picks up the phone from which Mike had been listening into the encounter with Lalo, and asks Mike what happens next. Jimmy admits to Kim the truth about his desert trek with Mike when she asks who he just called. Mike argues that if a cop wanted to stay alive and make sure the other guys had their backs, you simply just went along with whatever was going on. Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut is the secondary antagonist of Breaking Bad, and the deuteragonist of the prequel series Better Call Saul. He later provides Gus with information on Walt's health issues, suggesting that he use the threat of the Cousins to get Walt producing meth again, but Gus refuses, saying that fear should only be used for motivation as a final resource. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Gus Fring's Drug Empire | Mike just before murdering Hoffman and Fensky. Mike has been discovered. Nacho asks Mike why he went through all that trouble to avoid killing Tuco for half the payoff, but Mike refuses to answer. Mike came into the crosshairs of Hector Salamanca and in the process, he decided to take out the Mexican drug lord for good. ("Fifi"). Hooding him, Mike and his associate, Nick, drive him in a windowless van to Albuquerque. The incident sparks a confrontation between Casper and Kai that Mike is forced to break up. Mike, knowing full well that Daniel's carelessness will eventually attract police attention, declines to go to a meeting in the Hummer and walks off when Daniel refuses to travel in Mike's 1988 Chrysler instead. Mike and Jesse accompany Gus to Mexico where Jesse will teach the cartel chemist how to cook Blue Sky. It is implied that Mike eventually killed the abuser, but was never charged. Jane is Jesse's landlady and girlfriend and also a recovering drug addict. Game Of Thrones: Which Lannister Character Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac? Later on, Jimmy goes to Mike's house and asks Mike about who he works for and about the situation with Lalo. Jesse Pinkman | Mike then loads the money and his equipment into his getaway car and flees the scene. They win over the methylamine and get away safely. While he's in recovery, his boss gets killed and. Stacey voices her concerns to Mike about gunshots she has heard outside her house late at night. However, Walt and Jesse manage to convince Mike stand down as he is also implicated in Gus's meth making operation via the video evidence from the superlab. Skinny Pete is one of Jesse's stoner friends and a street dealer. On a prison visit to Dennis Markowski, the laundry manager, Mike promises he will reimburse all his employees for the hazard pay the DEA seized in order to keep them and their families appeased. Mike shows up and kills all four gunmen, then shoots Chow in the hand for not keeping Gus in the loop. Tuco Salamanca | Todd Alquist | His actor, Jonathan Banks, is one of very few cast members to not have a twitter account. Mike talks to Saul, and upon returning to find the methylamine gone, he goes into the room, sees Jesse and Walt, puts Walt at gunpoint, only listening to Jesse saying, "He's got a plan, it works for all of us." When his family needs money, the first thing he does is to contact the criminally-connected veterinarian. Pressure from the DEA forces him to retire with a five million dollar buyout (sounds like a lot to a normal person, but not so much when you've got nine guys to pay off). Mike explains that he continues on because he has people he cares about and protects, people who know nothing about what Mike is doing and who will be safe with a better life if he dies. Status The group enlists the help of Saul to find a new place to cook. Jesse first meets Mike after the death of his girlfriend, Jane. Mike works with a crooked lawyer named Dan Wachsberger, but his final attempt to "quit" goes bad when Wachsberger is arrested by Gomez while depositing money into his nine former co-workers' boxes. Later, Mike and Gus rendezvous outside Los Pollos Hermanos to discuss the "Robbery". Mike Ehrmantraut is a specialist in stealth tactics, thanks to him serving in Vietnam before making his way to the Philadelphia police department.. Mike remarks "Y'know, Walter, sometimes it's not so bad to have someone watching your back," having noticed that the Cousins have left a scythe chalked on the pavement outside the house. Upon learning about the circumstances, Mike cautions Daniel about talking, knowing full well that the police suspect Daniel is engaged in illicit activities. Mike and Jesse track down the meth to a local drug den. As his son's murderers and Hector found out. Mike asks Victor if he was seen by witnesses and Victor admitts that he was seen, but "just [as] another looky-loo." Both wear masks to get revenge, both put the goal over immediate gratification, and neither can stand shoddy workmanship, regardless of whatever else they're dealing with. His first notable film … With one guy having escaped, Mike leaves the road with Saul to walk across the desert back, becoming annoyed with Saul's antics along the way. Evil), A few days later, Daniel's house is burglarized by Nacho, who had found his address in the Hummer's glove compartment. While Mike is installing pinhole microphones outside the White residence, Walt shows up unexpectedly and breaks into his own home. He's the quintessential shady lawyer. Todd agrees, and Mike lets him go. The next day, Mike ignores a call from Stacy, but is forced to talk to Victor who summons him to a meeting with Gus. Walt realizes he could have just asked Lydia for the names, tries to apologize to Mike, but Mike merely replies "Shut the fuck up, and let me die in peace." That night, after Lalo discovers the wrecked car, Mike repeatedly calls Saul to warn him while racing to his and Kim's apartment. Honorable Criminal, HenchmanHitmanCleanerPrivate investigatorPhiladelphia beat cop (formerly)Worker at a ticket booth (formerly)Head of Los Pollos Corporate Security (formerly), High intelligenceLeadershipGun proficiencyMarksmanshipInvestigation skillsMilitary trainingTactics and strategyTrackingTechnical skills. Around this same time, four cartel gunmen are sent up to New Mexico to kidnap Duane Chow, Gus's chemical supplier.

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