Just remember that you and him are both responsible for your relationship, play your role for if it won’t workout you can have some peace of mind. If he had told me, I would have told him I would wait, but because he didn’t, I don’t know if I could forgive him. No messages, no contact, no note, or sign for a couple days. One such rule: If either one of you starts You need to renew the enthusiasm in your marriage. I started out upset that I’d broken the dish. Don’t worry—I’m not throwing myself a pity party. i really dont want to leave him alone, both for my sake and his. Please give me a call sometime and let me know how you two are doing. I wonder will I ever been in a relationship again? Something is wrong with this picture can anyone please give me some advise about this.Much appreciated in san deigo! first? More success to you. I had a lot of nights of crying. It's not very pretty / handsome but it has a Great body! Give me a call please. And I bet you’ve thrown the same party. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your I thought ‘If i could just make him happy for once in his life then he could move on from his past’ He has such low self esteme, i only wanted to help, i actually felt like i HAD to help him! throws or breaks things, to make a point of how I have "wronged" him. What do you make a big deal of, that you would just deal with if you were solo? themselves -- because they can get away with it. Not like I thought it would be. Probably because I can connect to it so well regarding my present relationship. I did all but sink down on my knees, raise my hands to the sky, and wail, “WHY, God?! I did have 2 beautiful children with him. This is where the pity came in. Blessings to you from the bottom of my heart. Even when we have an audience, we can still choose to be sad, hurt, or annoyed for a minute…and then clean things up. ), when i first read this i thought oh my god is she talking about us we just had a conversation last night telling each other where we were as far as money was concerned and we realized that one thought the other was able to aid the other if needed, but that person found out that we both was just making ends meet. Have courage now and don’t be afraid to admit this to yourself. We put pressure on our partners to react just as we would; to make it not be true; to feel our pain. Please reload the CAPTCHA. I think the only reason he went out with me was to avoid hurting my feelings. Happy spring! Second, he is a bully, abusing his power over you. By doing these things you are ultimately deteriorating your partner by not allowing them to resolve the issues they have within themselves and by not loving them out of true love. Am I staying in a relationship out of pity? So what if you’ve been in a relationship with someone for 10 years, let it go if your heart is not in it. I feel like I’m going crazy! please help me does my husband still love me? Thank you for opening my eyes. Your also facing adjustments. He and i have grown to love eachother just by talking on the phone every day and night. It is clear that a lot of doubt is being raised now that the relationship has been prolonged for several years and families have been made between couples. When someone indulges in self-pity, they’re often told to “get off the pity pot.” This is because engaging in self-pity keeps the person from making forward progress. He does take care of me and treats me right but it feels different now.

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