Two alternative squat machines include the Body-Solid Leverage Squat and Calf Raise and the Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row N’ Ride Trainer. The machine mimics your natural squat posture to give you support throughout the entire movement so that you can activate your muscles quickly and effectively. Key Takeaways: You can start with a 5-minute beginner video, and do it enough times that you eventually work your way up to a 10-minute lesson. Since I’m always up for a challenge to get stronger, I was interested in testing out the fan-favorite machine from The DB Method (that's "Dream Butt" Method), which is specifically designed to get your glutes in peach-perfect shape. It’s best for bodybuilders, as it’s tailored to those who want to build up muscle mass quickly. We believe that strong bodies start with strong glutes. More frequent use should give you better results. The machine mimics your natural squat posture to give you support throughout the entire movement so that you can activate your muscles quickly and effectively. The Body-Solid machine makes it possible to fully customize the intensity of your squat workout without sacrificing your safety. You use the machine by sitting on the seat and bringing your body up and down out of a modified squat. Ready? Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. The DB Method’s home squat machine offers a simple way to get in a supported squat workout. Is the DB Method Better Than Regular Squats? DB Method workouts are meant for all fitness levels, though the company specifies that users should be at least five feet tall and under 250 pounds. More intense than I originally thought it would be. Share your experience to help others discover great products! Even 10 minutes is tough! Another home squat machine comes from Sunny Health and Fitness. For best results, they recommend using the machine for at least ten minutes a day, three to four times a week. *Limitations and exclusions apply. And although assembly is required, I was able to put this machine together in less than 20 minutes! Free repair or, if your issue can’t be serviced, replacement of The Machine, for 2 years. Enjoyable Even for Non-Exercise Fans: Reviewers who were intimidated by squats reported that they loved the DB Method. Popular comments include that the machine delivered an intense workout in ten minutes or less and was an acceptable cheap substitute for the DB Method. It’s been a month and I’ve lost 16 pounds and I see my overall body getting lifted and tightened and slimmer. Lack of Customization a Downside: Some customers wrote that they wished the machine allowed for more resistance options so that they could customize the workouts to their abilities. Targeted glute engagement provides greater muscle activation and faster results. If you’re willing to pay a little more for access to workout videos and a supportive fitness community based around the machine, the DB Machine might be your best option. Expertly designed to relieve pressure from the knees and lower back, giving you a more comfortable workout. Does this make sense? The DB Method’s main benefit is that it supports your body in the squat position so you can perform dozens of reps without hurting yourself or fatiguing other muscles. The Brief: Unless squats are a part of your daily routine, the glutes can be a pretty underutilized muscle group. Build upper body strength using the machine for chest, tricep, abdominal and oblique exercises. **All information offered on this website is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Body-Solid’s heavy weight approach is best for anyone looking to bulk up, while both the DB Method and Sunny machine offer a supported squat workout for anyone who wants to tone or slim down those specific muscles effectively. Customer Service Hours: M-F 9:30AM - 5:30PM EST. This machine is so easy and light on my knees...You can really feel the burn. It is helping my posture, legs and core and I think it is improving the strength I have for bike rides! Using the proper adjustments, the DB Method Machine helps users find the perfected position for a proper squat. This challenging position shifts your weight into your glutes, which immediately fires them up as you start your squats! All Rights Reserved. If you buy something from the links on this page, we may earn a commission. The included handrails are included for balance only, and you will increase the workout’s effectiveness if you don’t use them. We’ve highlighted some of the takeaways below: Quick and Effective Workout: Many reported that they lost several pounds after adding it to their routine. Squatting will tone the body by s… Users can follow the company’s website, Facebook, and YouTube pages for workout videos and instructions. The DB Method offers a quick, effective squat workout, and many people experience fitness improvements from using it. The DB Method offers external stabilization and keeps you in proper alignment so that you don’t strain your muscles as you use them. Good Exercise Modification for Injuries: Some reviewers wrote that they loved using this machine because knee and hip injuries prevented them from doing traditional squats. You typically won’t even find this type of machine that targets all of the butt muscles — the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus — in a gym anyway! The DB Method Machine is a home fitness system designed to help you get an intense glute workout in just ten minutes a day. Great workout. I have noticed a difference with my entire overall strength. Strength, endurance, cardio and mobility. The DB Method Machine is not just for squats! Why trust us? Overall, all three of these machines will work your glutes in similar ways to performing standard squats. Regular squats, in contrast, rely on just your body weight for resistance, though you can change this by lifting weights during each repetition. Read our review to help you decide if it is right for you. Biomechanics play a huge role in the DB Method Machine because the creators worked hard to find the precise position needed to do a perfect squat. The trainers in these videos have you alternate between high-zone pulses, mid-zone squats, and going all the way down into low-zone squats. It might not be the best use of money for those who already incorporate glute exercises into their fitness routine or who can perform multiples sets of unassisted squats. Body-Solid’s squat machine differs from the DB Method in that it’s designed for variable weight loads. The Beginner’s Guide to At-Home Workout Programs: Important Things to Consider. The All-Natural Way to Boost Your Immunity This Winter, Take These Yoga Mat Bags With Your Wherever You Practice, Here Are The Best Stair Climbers You Should Look Into. This machine costs about $650, and it offers a different squat approach than the DB Method. Closing Argument: The DB Method Machine makes you work. Peloton Bike Review: Is It Worth Your Money? Musser went on to explain that most glute training programs that promise to help you develop a better-looking butt quickly are just selling empty promises. The DB Method provides tons of videos for different workouts to do on the machine. Plus, the Kardashians have The DB Method Machine in their home gyms, just saying! Here’s how to get set up on The DB Method Machine: You're seated further back than you normally would be, holding onto the handlebars while pressing your heels downward into the foot pedals and pointing your toes up. We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. The machine shifts your natural center of gravity to isolate the glutes so that they are the focus of your workout, rather than your legs. In our I Tried It series, we set out to use them in the real world and have determined that, in fact, they really do. You can’t increase this resistance level, as the company claims it would only work to make the exercises easier by supporting your glutes on the ascent so that they work less hard. The DB Method provides tons of videos for different workouts to do on the machine. To qualify for a return, the machine must be in its original condition and shipping box. The DB Method claims to make getting a glute workout both easier and more effective than regular squats. Simply folds and rolls to fit into any space of your home or gym. Mirror Workout Review: Is This Home Gym Right for You? The machine makes it possible to perform intense squat workouts at home without a need for a spotter or space for free weights. Amazon reviewers have awarded it 4.4 stars after more than 450 reviews. All in ONE Ab Booster Plus Fitness Machine for Cardio, Toned Glutes, 6-Pack Abs, Great Legs, Firm Ar… The DB Method Machine is a home fitness system designed to help you get an intense glute workout in just ten minutes a day. I Tried It: Testing Products in the Real World, The Best Sewing Machines for Easy Stitching, We Found the Best Fog Machine for Halloween 2020, We Compared 85 Washing Machines to Find the Best, Up Your Frozen-Drink Game With a Margarita Machine, I’ll Never Buy Anything But Machine-Washable Rugs, Sewing Machines for Seamstress-Quality Stitches. When your glutes are weak, you might suffer from seemingly unrelated health effects, including knee or hip pain, an irregular gait, poor posture, and blisters and other foot issues. The machine works to “tone, tighten, and lift. All purchases come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can return the machine within this timeframe for a refund, minus shipping charges. However, quality issues are a minor concern, and you might feel limited by the machine’s fixed resistance level. Rather than sitting in a seat and pulsing up and down, you will brace yourself on the machine’s inclined platform and perform a traditional squat movement with a predetermined amount of weight resting on your shoulders. I notice this whenever I'm walking up a staircase in heels — it shouldn't hurt that much! What is covered by DB CARE? This can help beginning exercises get in a more effective workout than if they were performing regular squats. They wrote that the machine helped them maintain proper form and work their muscles without irritating their injuries. Great machine. But there’s another reason many people consider working their glutes – beauty. If you're stressing about how much space The DB Method Machine would take up in your small apartment, don’t worry — the whole machine collapses and folds easily away for storage. Enhance The DB Method workout with custom add-ons. “Much of what your glutes can look like is determined by genetics, as the glutes can either have a short origin of insertion, which creates a bubble but sort of look, or longer origin of insertion, which is much harder to develop into a voluptuous rear end.”. However, it’s possible to get a similar level of support by holding onto something that’s fixed in place while you squat.

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