We never share your email with any 3rd party. Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. Best Yeezus original album cover recreation? I painted my own album cover for Yeezus for an illustration class. Quote. I hope you all enjoy! It features 14 tracks. modern graphic design inspiration blog + vintage graphics resource, Accept all imitations: Spoofing and honoring jazz's iconic covers - Oakland Jazz music | Examiner.com. ARTIST: Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers TITLE: Indestructible LABEL: Blue Note COUNTRY: USA DATE: 1966 These Blakey LP's with Wayne Shorter are just great. Visit the post for more. Ask. Fashion, beauty, music and pop culture news for today's young women. All posts. People liked the previous wallpapers, so I did it for every album cover! Cardi B Announces New Single ‘Wap’ Feat. Nov 3, 2014 - Explore Jonathan Nanpei's board "YEEZUS" on Pinterest. Chat. Would love to answer any questions you have! iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/watching-the-throne-a-lyrical-analysis-of-kanye-west/id1023488671?mt=2, Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/watching-the-throne-a-lyrical-analysis-of-kanye-west, Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/0uKlJEIhf0isYZP9BiZoSH, Direct download: http://watchingthethrone.libsyn.com/my-storye-joe-perez'. Most popular Most recent. [real talk] anyone else think it's weird that so many blogposts are talking about the "official" album cover for yeezus when he's deliberately not given it a cover? Does anyone have a mobile wallpaper for the yeezus album cover? David Bowie foretold the coming of Yeezus in 1972 with his album cover. Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Uzi Vert Reveals ‘Eternal Atake’ Cover Art, DJ Khaled Reveals ‘Father Of Asahd’ Album Cover, Nelly Reunites with Florida Georgia Line for New Single ‘Lil Bit’; Announces Country EP, Stream DeJ Loaf’s Star Studded Debut Album ‘Sell Sole II’, Jack Harlow Shares New Single & Video ‘Tyler Herro’: Watch. We dive a lot into how working with Kanye affect Joe, his views on the Yeezus tour, and Kanye as an artist. Guys I made an album cover for if Kanye made a Yeezus sequel that he will never release. Photo. Just scheduled a StorYe interview with Joe Perez, former curator of Kanye’s blogs, lead art director of DONDA from 11-16, and designer of the Yeezus and Cruel Summer album covers. Made a YEEZUS. UPDATE 4: As usually goes with Kanye’s album covers, here’s yet another update to the official version of the Yeezus artwork/casing courtesy of Kanye. YEEZUS-like album w LF twist, [FRESH FAN MADE ALBUM] Yeezus Acapella Cover, I made a concept cover for a live Yeezus album, Yeezus 2 album cover would be dope if it was this. Yeezus album cover hoodie I made from 100% vinyl scraps (zoom in to see), Broooo we’re so fucking dumb, Yandhi’s album cover was gonna be a MiniDisc like Yeezus and now Jesus Is King’s album cover is GOTDAMN VINYL. Images, posts & videos related to "Yeezus Album Cover" All of the Kanye West albums in style of Yeezus (designed by me) find more on my insta: @variant_album_covers_ Images, posts & videos related to "Yeezus Album Cover", I'm not dissing yeezus it's my favourite album just in ye's case as he doesnt really like it anymore from what we can tell. Kanye West Yeezus Rap Albums Hip Hop Albums Music Albums Daft Punk Kanye West New Album Kanye West Albums The Velvet Underground Best Rap Album. Sign up for our NEWSLETTER for breaking stories and exclusives. The cover art for Kanye's new album "Yeezus". Chorus.fm is a curated music destination for those looking for something outside of the mainstream. Thanks to Semtex. I made kanye album covers in a simple art style (paint.net paintbrush haha). UPDATE 3: As was suggested by the flyer we posted earlier, up top is the official look at the casing. The cover was however not used in the final release of the album – maybe because it would have caused some controversy. Kanye West's Yeezus album has one of the more memorable covers in recent years, thanks to its minimalist approach. This was definitely our biggest StorYe ever, in terms of connection to Kanye. Made the Yeezus album cover into a black ops 4 emblem, Continuing the series, I redesigned the Yeezus album cover to feature Dropout Bear, I made a Yeezus album cover, in an alternate dimension, I made this alternate album cover for Yeezus, but it's actually just Late Registration. © 2008-2020 HipHop-N-More. Fitting with Yeezus and Yandhi covers. It's hard to label a guy like him, it's sort of vandal, artist, criminal and genius, I think that what best describes him is his documentary that you should totally see. I am only featuring a glimpse of Choe's artwork here as it's way bigger than you can imagine, anyway you can check out more his awesome stuff like on his Website. Kanye wearing a Jesus piece chain, a staple in hip-hop fashion. The latest one has a simple tape or sticker, without “Yeezus”  written on it. She is such a beautiful baby. SO SICK, Haven’t actually seen anyone post this, sorry if they have. Fan made Yeezus album covers - Just stumbled onto this, some of these are wicked, [Quality Post] The Yeezus album cover was a plain canvas for people to have their own perception. (STEEVUS) which album cover next?? Also includes Watch the Throne and a Yeezus tour wallpaper. UPDATE 2: We have added the high resolution cover above but the iTunes pre-order has been taken down. North West - absolutely gorgeous picture w/ her daddy. Filter by post type. Till Death Do Us Part, an album cover based on the Yeezus Tour. YEEZUS. Just wanted to say Post Malone's new album cover looks like Yeezus album cover. News, reviews, forums, articles, and commentary. Basically like this without the tape. Video. Click here for more information. Full res downloads in comments if you think they're cool. Had to take a pic. London studio working across identity, print, environmental and digital design. Day 23 of putting random 3 Houses characters' faces on album covers: Sothis on Kanye West's Yeezus, "Yeezus" album cover in the style of "Madvillany". After performing 'BLK SKN HEAD' and 'New Slaves' last night on Saturday Night Live, the G.O.O.D. It’s been almost a decade since the Arctic Monkeys torpedoed out of Sheffield, England, riding a […], Sleeve designer Peter Saville talks us through his favourite designs for Joy Division and New Order, *50-21 20) Dr. Dre- The Chronic 19) Boogie Down Productions- Criminal Minded 18) Geto Boys- We Can’t Be Stopped 17) Run DMC- King of Rock 16) ODB- Return to 36 Chambers 15) Beastie Boys- Lice…. All Rights Reserved. See more ideas about Yeezus, Album cover art, Album art. Founded by Jason Tate. A really different approach to minimalist cover art. Unfollow. After performing ‘BLK SKN HEAD’ and ‘New Slaves’ last night on Saturday Night Live, the G.O.O.D. Audio. It looks something in bronze mass, maybe a Jesus Piece but we’d have to see it in higher resolution to really make out what exactly it is. Kanye West - Yeezus I I [Tour poster + album cover] (fanmade concept by me IG: vault.archive), Kanye West - Yeezus I I [Tour poster + album cover] (fanmade concept by me IG: vault.archive) * TRAILER *, yeezus album cover, done by construction paper, 8x10, Yeezus Album cover based off Kanye’s Margiela mask, All of Kanye’s albums in the theme of all of them being the red square on the cover of Yeezus. He designed the Cruel Summer cover, helped with the Cruel Summer GOOD Fridays release, and did the Yeezus cover. Follow. The best 'Yeezus Album Cover' images and discussions of August 2020. When it comes to the Yeezus cover album can we all agree to just use this, A Yeezus-Inspired channel ORANGE album cover, A Yeezus and Yandhi inspired album cover and animation FREEZEE. I made this, but i know some professional would make some crazy ass shit. Music boss has unveiled the cover for his forthcoming album Yeezus on his official website. trademarktrill . That yeezus cover hits different tho. Text. Anyone have anything like that? Most of you may know David Choe for being the artist behind the Facebook HQ but I gotta say this guy is way more than that. Hella wavy , Yeezus Weeknd/Polaroid Album Cover I Made, I interviewed Joe Perez—he curated Kanye's blogs for 2 years, then was the lead art director for DONDA, including designing the Cruel Summer and Yeezus album covers. You can peep the old for for comparison here. Its late but I just wanted to post what The Yeezus album cover actually is for R/Place, I drew this picture of the yeezus album cover :), I made an alternate album cover for 'Yeezus', enjoy, The Yeezus album cover has "class, taste", Kanye West "Yeezus" Fan Album Cover [763x766] (x-post r/HipHopImages), FULL ALBUM cover of Yeezus making it a Christmas Album, Kreezus (Kris Kreezus tiz the Reazus for the Seazus). There will be no cover. Music boss has unveiled the cover for hi Trending posts and videos related to Yeezus Album Cover! It was really cool to hear everything he said. Link. Kanye West likes to do things differently. Creativity is declining in America, yet business leaders say it is the most crucial factor for success. Joe's an accomplished designer who, in his post Yeezy time, has done the album cover for ASAP Rocky and Nicki Minaj, and launched his own merch. West's "Yeezus" album is due for a June 18 release and features songs like "I am God." Joe worked with Kanye for 8 years. You can unsubscribe at any time. WTFFFF. Can you guys let me know your thoughts?? All of the Kanye West albums in style of Yeezus (designed by me) find more on my insta: @variant_album_covers_, Old Yeezus screenshot shows different Album Cover and An almost entirely new tracklist. Kanye West has caused some to question the reason for his album being titled "Yeezus," and now the 36-year-old rapper is revealing his reasoning for doing so. The pause circle doesn’t quite line up with the Yeezus album cover on Spotify, Take A Look Behind The Tape Of The "Yeezus" Album Cover, Continuing the series, I redesigned the Yeezus album cover to feature Dropout Bear (x-post), I made a Yeezus cover but it's Kanyes best album. YEEZUS minecraft rendition. yeezus album cover < > Most recent. Thankfully, we saved a screenshot which you can peep after the jump. But is this actually the album cover? We doubt the durations listed are real though. Kanye West likes to do things differently.

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