Get up close and decide for yourself. Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC), a member of the JAL Group, operates one daily flight between Naha Airport and Yonaguni Airport. There can be a significant current here during the changing tides, but there's nowhere for you to get pulled out to - you'll either end up at the boat ramp or back at the beach. Visitors can see props and material used in the drama. 4 hours by ferry. (Directions), Book the dream trip to Japan with our tailor-made booking service. The museum showcases the Atlas Moth - or Ayamibabiru as it is known locally - which is the largest moth in the world. Japan's Westernmost Island with a Distinct History and Vividly Preserved Culture, General Information regarding Yonaguni Island, The Old Calendar Culture That Continues into Modern Times, Blue Zone Okinawa, the secret of longevity, Ingredients grown in the rich climate of Okinawa. The most populous village is Sonai, followed by the fishing village of Kubura. Airport Accommodation You will feel that you are at the westernmost spot of Japan when you see that rock. The Atlas Moth Museum (Ayamibabiru-kan) is located in the middle of the eastern half of Yonaguni. Of interest are the Gunkan-iwa, a stout and imposing rock named after a warship, and Tategami-iwa, a tall candle-shaped rock. Prices for single dives for certified divers start from about 8500 yen and typically only include a guide, transport, tank and wetsuit. The clear water and cool wind gave me such refreshing feeling. The cost for bringing an average sized car onto the ferry is about 30,000 yen one way. Although it lacks the resorts of the larger Yaeyama islands and its few visitors are mostly divers coming to witness the island's mysterious sunken "ruins" and hammerhead sharks, the island has beautiful (yet uncrowded) beaches, cultural attractions, and various mysteries of history. You're at the end of Japan now — unless you can score a seat to Taiwan on a private boat, the only way out is back where you came from. A Google Map view of the location. Tindabana is rock outcrop that towers about 85 meters above the village of Sonai. Yonaguni Island (与那国島, Yonaguni-jima) is the westernmost island of Japan. The spearfish is an important animal for the local people's fishing industry. Seeing the ruins, however, takes some time, effort and skill: the area is notorious for its currents and not suitable for beginning divers, although several diving shops run one-day crash courses that culminate in a guided tour of the ruins. Yonaguni is best known for hanazake (花酒), literally "flower sake", a drink nowhere near as dainty as you might expect from the name: it's the local 60° awamori and tradition demands drinking it straight, without even an ice cube to ease the pain. The clean beach was very impressive too. #9 Best Value of 25 places to stay in Yonaguni-cho “ When it comes to accommodations in this western most island, we don't have many choices. This is the location to view the last sunset in Japan. Some maintain that they are the product of the lost Continent of Mu or even alien artifacts, though the majority of scientists think they were created by natural geological processes. One thing you will not see elsewhere are the Yonaguni horses, which stand just one meter tall and roam free on the island. Yonaguni's ocean was so clean just like Okinawa's. There are two ways to get there. Copyright © Japan National Tourism Organization. Yonaguni island is famous for three animals - spearfish, horses and moths. 30 minutes) Pronunciation can be a bit easier than that of the neighboring Miyako islands, though, as the central vowels and word-final consonants are absent here. The airplane flying between Yonaguni island and Okinawa prefecture was tiny and cute - probably because of the small size of the island. Dryly but diplomatically referred to by the government as the "Underwater Landscape Resources" - which lie off the southern coast of the island Were they naturally formed or built by hand? It is a very beautiful island which was also used as a film site. A group of megaliths lying on the seabed of Yonaguni Island have a total length of approximately 100 meters, a width of approximately 60 meters, and a height of approximately 25 meters. The coronavirus outbreak is having a large impact on travel to and within Japan. Yonaguni island is famous for three animals - spearfish, horses and moths. Map They might not be scientifically correct, but no better names are available for reliable orientation. Let me introduce this mysterious island to you. Yonaguni's unique attraction is the mysterious 1 "underwater ruins" (海底遺跡 kaitei iseki). The spearfish is an important animal for the local people's fishing industry.

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